The Pickwick offers a variety of products and home health care goods. Some of the most popular drugstore incidentals are listed below:

  • Over-the-counter medicines — aspirin, Motrin, Sudafed, Tylenol, natural/home remedies, cough syrup, vitamins, and many others. We also offer essentials for cold and flu, nausea, heartburn, and more — including The Pickwick's D&E, an over the counter treatment combined in house to offer quick relief for colds and allergies.
  • Home health care — from bedpans to walkers to eyeglasses to crutches, The Pickwick meets the needs of the elderly and those who may be temporarily or permanently disabled. And, we also offer delivery to all area nursing homes and doctors' offices.
  • Household items — While you're in The Pickwick, pick up some toilet paper, laundry detergent, light bulbs, batteries, or lawn and garden tools.
  • Personal care — The Pickwick has many brands of shampoo, deodorant, feminine products, hair accessories, shaving creams, and soap.
  • Seasonal — Why fight the crowds when all you need are a few rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and a string of lights? Or just a box of chocolate for Valentine's Day? And then there's the time you are looking for some beach toys, a beach chair, and a few bottles of sunblock. Visit The Pickwick and pick up seasonal items without getting stuck in crowds and traffic.
  • Greeting cards — Offering numerous cards for every occasion, The Pickwick has a large selection of greeting cards. Some are funny, others are serious, but we guarantee you won't walk away empty-handed.
  • Gifts — The Pickwick offers a variety of gifts and free gift wrapping...and you can ship your packages via UPS right from our store. Our gift selection includes cookbooks, jewelry, toys, picture frames, sunglasses, candles, chocolate, local products, high-end beauty products, and travel kits. When needing to find a gift to celebrate a special occasion — whether it is for a birthday, host gift, overnight guest, thank you momento, anniversary, or just to say hello — stop by The Pickwick.
  • Party Supplies — We have a wide variety of color coordinating cups, napkins utensils, plates, and balloons. We even have fun printed items for the kid's birthdays. We also have a wide variety of Mylar balloons for every occasion. Call ahead and we will have your balloons blown up and ready for pick up.
  • Grocery — We carry the full line of Happy Cow products and many gluten-free items such as Sami's Bakery. We also have all of your favorite old-time sodas, all natural drinks and flavored waters.

Come visit us at The Pickwick. We have more than just prescriptions and we even deliver. Grab a sandwich, pick up your prescriptions, grab some items you are low on, and ship that package that's been sitting in your kitchen for a week. How many other drugstores in town offer such a wide selection of goods and services and have delivery? Order products and refill prescriptions online, or give us a call and let us know what you need. We'll have it ready for pickup or bring it right to your door.