Refill Prescriptions

Refill Your Prescriptions on the Go
Refill Your Prescriptions on the Go

We also support RefillRx Mobile to provide you with a one tap solution for refilling your prescriptions. Simply scan the barcode on your bottle and watch as RefillRx Mobile sends your request to our pharmacy.

If a barcode is not available you can also simply enter the Rx number for your prescription and search for our pharmacy by entering (864) 277-4180.

Download RefillRx Mobile Today for iPhone or Android.

The Pickwick offers three ways to refill prescriptions. You can either call us at (864) 277-4180 during business hours, you can request a refill online, 24 hours a day, or you can use the smartphone app, RefillRx Mobile, and our pharmacist will fill the order within one business day.

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