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Pickwick Celebrates 70 years in business!

The Pickwick is a neighborhood pharmacy and soda fountain and has been serving the local community since before World War II. In 1933, the Pickwick began as a soda fountain, founded by Francis Odom and Harold Trammel (Francis' brother in law). The Pickwick was located on Augusta Road near Main Street in the current Warehouse Theatre space, just a block away from Furman University in the area that is now County Square. Many of the patrons were Furman University students who visited the Pickwick for sandwiches, shakes, and cherry cokes.

In 1937, The Pickwick relocated to the other end of Augusta Road -- with financial aid from Francis’ father Rev. Archibald Clinch Odom Jr and Edgar Odom, Francis’ brother. A one room building was constructed and the business resides on this property today. Frank Odom, another brother, joined The Pickwick in 1945.

In 1941, Francis, Frank, and Edgar (who was managing Walgreens on Main St) were drafted to World War II. They joined the Navy, forcing the family business to temporarily shut its doors. In January 1947, The Pickwick reopened with Edgar buying half ownership from Francis and adding a pharmacy and drive-in restaurant to the family soda fountain.

Edgar raised three children, including two boys, Dwight and Robert, who began working at the soda fountain and pharmacy as teenage soda jerks in 1954. And as Edgar’s family and the business grew, The Pickwick needed additional space. They had outgrown their original structure and added on, building the current structure in 1961.

In 1964, Dwight joined his father Edgar as a pharmacist for the Pickwick, and several years later, Dwight’s brother Robert also joined the family business. Dwight remains a pharmacist and active in the organization. His father Edgar passed away in 1974 and his brother Robert in 1999.


Opening in summer of 2007 the Pickwick incorporated a 1949 soda fountain and sandwich shop, similar to the one from many years ago. Soda fountains located inside pharmacies were the norm up until the 1980s, where they gradually began to change ownership and slowly phase out. Many folks in Greenville grew up spending time in these soda shops and have vivid memories from places such as the Pickwick. The soda fountain has won many awards including being rated as one of the best in the United States by the Huffington Post, Food & Wine Magazine, and Taste of the South magazine.

The Pickwick Pharmacy is a local, family-owned, independent drugstore that is celebrating its 70th year in the prescription business. Its customers reside in Greenville County and see the Pickwick staff as an extended family. The employees are knowledgeable, responsive, and have personal relationships with the customers and their families. Chief pharmacist, Keefe Ray has spent his entire life in the Augusta Road business community with his family’s local grocery, the Marquette. In addition to boasting fast, no-wait prescription service, the Pickwick offers delivery service, complimentary gift wrapping on its wide array of gifts, and a focus on the schools and community. The business is locally run and owned by third generation family member Kelly Odom.

The Pickwick has a long history with the Greenville community and is one of the few locally-owned, non-chain pharmacies that remain in SC. It is located at 3219 Augusta Street in Greenville, SC. For more information, contact the Pickwick at 864.277.4180 or