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Legendary Locals of Greenville Book Signing!

Saturday September 19, 12:00-2:00
Meet author Cindy Landrum and pick up a copy of her book, Legendary Locals of Greenville.

Book Description: Greenville has long been a city of visionaries. Richard Pearis settled on the banks of the Reedy River in Cherokee hunting land where few white men would venture. Max Heller, who escaped Nazi-occupied Austria as a teen, triggered the rebirth of downtown. They are some of Greenville’s local legends who have seen possibilities, not limitations. They come from all walks of life. Textile leaders such as John T. Woodside, Thomas Parker, and John D. Hollingsworth transformed the city into the “Textile Capital of the World.” When textiles began to fade, businessmen and leaders such as Charles Daniel, Tommy Wyche, Tom Barton, Virginia Uldrick, Dick Riley, Carl Sobocinski, and Xanthene Norris helped transform the city once again. Stories of people who have shaped Greenville with their vision, making it what it is today, fill these pages.

Author Bio: Cindy Landrum has been a reporter for newspapers in Greenville since 1989. She uses a combination of photographs from historical and academic collections, family photograph albums, and her own images to tell the stories of the legendary locals who have helped Greenville become what it is today.