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Local Soda Fountain Introduces Signature Sauce and Sandwich

April 26, 2012 (Greenville, SC) – The Pickwick Pharmacy and Soda Fountain is introducing new flavors to their menu. As of Date 00, 2012 The Pickwick's signature barbecue sauce will be for sale by the bottle. You can also get a taste of the sauce by ordering The Q-Dog, a barbecue sandwich with southern flare mixed with a little bit of history.

The Odom family has owned The Pickwick Pharmacy and Soda Fountain since 1947 and they are no strangers to barbecue favorites. One favorite was their signature barbecue sandwich. "This was not your ordinary sandwich" says Dwight Odom, pharmacist at The Pickwick. The historic Claussens Bakery on Augusta Street created a custom bun just for The Pickwick and what made it unique is that the bun was shaped as a pig. They custom ordered these buns from Claussens for 15 years until the bakery stopped making them. Dwight Odom remembers it well "as a child that barbecue sandwich was my favorite thing on the menu. I can still remember the taste. It's one of those childhood memories that stay with you forever" says Odom. Others in the community remember the sandwich as well. Jane Wallace, Greenville Native, remembers going to The Pickwick drive in. Wallace says "The barbecue sandwich was so delicious and so good on the pig buns. You couldn't get them anywhere else. I spent many an afternoon after school at The Pickwick with my friends chatting about school over a barbecue sandwich and a cherry coke or on a date at The Pickwick drive in. I am happy to see that tradition is coming back".

Although the new barbecue sandwich won't be on a pig shaped bun, local residents are excited to start a new tradition with The Q-Dog and The Pickwick's signature barbecue sauce. Local resident, whose family has lived in Greenville since 1800's, Bern DuPree is a weekly visitor at The Pickwick and a BBQ lover. "I am proud to be one of the first customers to try the Q-Dog and Pickwick's special sauce. It's a sweet and tangy Carolina style sauce which compliments the smoked barbecue" says DuPree.

Kelly Odom, owner, says "we take pride in the legacy that The Pickwick brings to Greenville and it is important for us to provide the special atmosphere, service and food that brings families together creating more memories at the counter in The Pickwick".

The Pickwick Pharmacy is a local, family-owned, independent drugstore and soda fountain that has been in business since 1947. The Pickwick is located at 3219 Augusta Street in Greenville, SC. For more information on The Pickwick's history please visit

Owner, Kelly Odom is available for questions and can be reached through our website.