Special of the Week
Get ready for summer with a new canteen & cooler!

Dwight Odom
Registered Pharmacist, RPH

Dwight Odom began working at The Pickwick as a teenager and remembers working at their drive-in restaurant before The Pickwick became a drugstore. The Pickwick had car hops and the soda fountain was a happening place. As a soda jerk, Dwight remembers serving customers and also going out back to watch the local teenagers fight over girls. And, sandwiches and other incidentals were delivered on a Cushman Eagle motorcycle. read more...

Chad Odom
Owner, Soda Jerk

Chad Odom was born and raised in Greenville, SC and graduated from Christ Church Episcopal School and USC. After school and during summers, Odom spent his time at The Pickwick, delivering prescriptions and working with the customers. When Odom wasn't working, he focused on rebuilding classic cars, especially 1966 Mustangs. read more...

Kelly Odom
Owner/Registered Pharmacy Technician

Like his brothers, Kelly Odom grew up in the Pickwick ringing up the cash register, delivering prescriptions and sweeping floors. After graduating from USC, Odom spent a brief stint in the lower part of the state before realizing he wanted to return to his hometown of Greenville. read more...

Keefe Ray
Registered Pharmacist, PHARM-D

The Pickwick welcomed a new face to their staff, Keefe Ray, in March 2007. Samuel O'Keefe Ray (Keefe) joins Dwight Odom behind the counter and is the second pharmacist on staff at The Pickwick. Keefe is a Greenville native, graduating from Greenville High School, Wofford College, and MUSC. Keefe previously worked for two chain drugstores and is happy to come home to The Pickwick, the drugstore where his wife, Clair, and her family have been longtime customers. read more...

Peyton Hray
Registered Pharmacy Technician

Peyton started working at the Pickwick in August of 2009, shortly after graduating with a chemistry degree from Wofford College. He has wanted to work in the pharmacy field since his first year at Wofford and was very fortunate to find work with the Pickwick. When not working behind the counter Peyton has enjoyed acting throughout the upstate, especially at the Warehouse Theatre here in Greenville. Unfortunately, Peyton will not be a pharmacy technician forever; he plans to move to Columbia and enter pharmacy school in the fall of 2012.